Monday, February 22, 2010

Net 7

Another day of heavy and almost constant rain. There was snow at Luton just up the M1 heading north - that was enough to close the airport. In Madeira there were big rain storms on Saturday leading to people being killed - the weather at the minute has gone a bit Old Skool and catching load of people out.

Anyway it wasn't that bad that I couldn't get to the nets. Bowled okay tonight was in a net with some blokes that would probably be 2nd and 3rd XI types (Maybe 4ths)? I initially worked with the Flippers but they're not really a good ball to bowl consistently - far better as a variation, so reverted back to the Leg Breaks. These were coming out okay and was bowling them more around leg stump tonight with some interesting results. I'm getting the hang now of exploring the batsmans weaknesses and realising there's real value in watching the bowling before your own over to see if the other bowlers are exposing such weaknesses before you even step up to bowl yourself.

Didn't attempt the Biggun although recent practice outside is showing promise. I can get the length but accuracy is all over the shop, so I wont be using that at all in the near furture. If the weather clears up I noticed that I was walking home in the light so it's not going to be too long before coming home and having a bit of a practice becomes a viable possibility.