Monday, February 15, 2010

Net Session No.6

It was a lot better tonight as there were a lot less people, so the wait between each ball was no-where near as long and frustrating. My bowling kind of went on from three and half hours earlier, but I didn't try out the Big Flick Leg Break as it's far too inconsistent at this stage. Bowled my current leg break variations, the Top Spinning Flipper and few back-spinners and the wrong un. The Wrong Un seems to have gone for the minute which I'm not concerned about - I think I said the same thing last week? I bowled against Buckers (Chris) who is one of the 2nd XI openers and got him a couple of times, but I think he was a bit rusty and everyone was having a piece of him especially Wayne who I think got him 4 or 5 times and at least 3 of those he hit the stumps with his off-spin that was going very well tonight. I'm not sure whether I got Neil, I usually get him with the wrong un but I couldn't get it to turn tonight, but all in all I did okay and was quite pleased and ended up not too knackered especially as I've been swimming today, bowled for at least half an hour 80-100 balls at 4.30 and then 2 hours in the nets 8pm to 10.00pm. I had a bat as well at the end and was focusing on keeping the ball off the stumps and did okay for a while although all the bowlers did look a bit knackered. Wayne got me in the end with one of his off-spinners that came off the inside of my bat and Neil got an edge as well. All in all it was pretty good, better than last week.

The Wizard was also heard to be saying that after 3 years of bowling Leg Spin he was possibly going to give it up?