Monday, February 01, 2010

Net Session No.4

Not so good tonight, bowled okay but ran out of steam is seems? I just seem to lack the stamina and fitness to bowl that well and every now and then just bowled rubbish. It doesn't help that you bowl every 4th or 5th ball and never get into a rhythm. It may be I'm at a low physical biorhythmic stage or perhaps on the verge of falling ill (Cold or something) or maybe just plain knackered? Whatever it is, I feel that it's temporary and as soon as the weather picks up and I can get back to bowling in terms of buckets of balls rather than single balls every 4 or 5 blokes I'll soon get back into the groove so I'm not going to stress that much about it.

My mate The Wizard was bowling well, he's a lot better than he was last year in the nets and he was turning the ball big. So I need to match his improvement in my own bowling and aim to come out of the end this coming season with better bowing figures - averages and strike rates. He'll always play more games than me, so he'll end up taking more wickets over the season. It's the strike rate figures that I'm interested in - I'd like to end up taking a wicket every 2 overs or at least improve on every 15 balls.