Sunday, February 28, 2010

More rain and injuries

24 hours or so later and the claf muscle has improved dramatically. I wont be bowling or running around for quite some time it seems as it is damaged and is still very tender. At the minute I'm considering seeing how it goes over the next 2 weeks with no activity at all. Then once the 2 weeks is up I'll seek advice as to what to do next. I've been looking around websites looking at how you should stretch your muscles prior to exercise it does seem that maybe I've been rushing things and over-stretching the muscles in a rapid manner rather than spending more time on the stretching and easing into physical activity.

With regards the paddock, I read some stuff on renovating existing areas of grass and it seems that I should start sewing the seed in March sometime. Today it rained again for most of the day and the indications around the area is that over-night there was a lot of rain as there's loads of roads flooded with massive puddles and the fields in the area are just enormous ponds in some cases.
Here's how bad the rain and weather's getting the flood barrier warning is a little more worrying than they let on in this article. The barrier actually needs to be replaced by a bigger model. All that's required is a big weather pattern coinciding with a full moon (Like now) spring tide and that'll be it - the final blow to the UK economy and the potential for thousands of people being killed. Fortunately with the type of weather pattern required to push the water over the top it's quite rare, but that recent low that was in the bay of Biscay must have looked worrying as that didn't conform to standard weather patterns!!