Thursday, May 31, 2007

24 hours to go and it's called off

Yep sorry people - because of the recent rain (Nearly 2 weeks of it now) the wicket at Welstead is so wet that the games been cancelled. But along with Sports Science we're looking to get another game set up as soon as possible. I kind of get the feeling that "Dean Mr 6 Wells" is gagging to get at us after his good performance last Friday - he was hitting 6's all over the shop as Simon warned he might do from the very beginning of us challenging them to a game. Dean's looking to get our first game set up as soon as possible but there's still issues over how soon can people get there from work. It might be that the game starts slightly later?

Good news for us is that Rod The Aussie is back in the UK as from Saturday which means we'll be up to full numbers again.


Hopefully on Friday Alex (The Capt) will be rallying the team for a practice this Sunday at 10.00. So let's hope for a good turn out. Some people need the practice before the game and we all certainly need to practice catching the ball.

Useful Forum

If you subscribe to David Hinchcliffes take advantage of his offer to join his forum for free. All you have to do is suggest three good practice ideas and you stand a chance of getting a free subscription. He's offering 100 freebies. Have a look at the forum, I think it's one of the best as it's not full of people suggesting that Michael Vaughn should do this and that as though they've got any say in the matter. It's a forum for people that want to get better at cricket looking at all aspects of trying to improve your game and fitness. Look at the website home page and check it out -