Monday, May 11, 2009

At last a game!

I've just had a phone call from Matt Hills at Grays & Chadwell CC and at last I've got a game! To be fair I was offered one last Sunday as he pointed out when I said exactly the same thing on the phone. I didn't quite catch what he said about the fact that it was him calling me rather than Neil, but it sounded along the lines of Neil had thrown the towel in as captain cos he'd had enough, but he may have been joking. What he did say though was that the bowling was going to consist of a 4 man Wrist Spin attack, I think he was more specific in that he said Leg Spin attack, I caught The Wizard, Ross and myself, but who the 4th person was I'm not sure but it may have well been one of the youngsters. So that's going to be interesting 4 of us at it!

At the moment it's a 13.00hrs start at Grays, but there's the caveat that it may change and become an away match. Knowing my luck the weather will screw up. Looking at the weather charts it looks promising at the minute with rubbish weather through the week beginning to clear come Friday.

The Boys
They had their weekly training session over at Mopsies Park . Although it was sunny
The wind was in the north and it was a bit chilly. Again there were loads of new boys, so the levels that they're all playing at are so different which must be a bit tricky for the coaches.
We turned up early at just after 6.30 as Reg suggested and that meant that Joe and Ben were able to bowl on the artificial wicket against some of the other kids that bat. They both did okay.
They did a series of drills, catching and batting and at the end they played Kwik Cricket that looked like fun. I spoke to Reg and he said that he wouldn't be able to have a knock about on Wednesday over at the Rec because of work reasons. So we may do Thursday instead?
Here's a shot of the nets as well at Mopsies -