Sunday, May 03, 2009

Mercenary Cricket

Not being selected again left me wondering what to do and I took Reg's advice and went down to the Rec at 12.00 just as the Westley & SDR teams were turning up. I asked the Westley captain if he was short of players and he said they were alright, but said he'd give me a game next week if I wanted one. Just as I was walking off the other teams ('SDR') captain shouted 'Whoa up mate, we're short of a player you might get a game with us if you hang about till one'. So I said I was up for that and I'd go and get my gear in the event that bloke didn't turn up and I'd be back just before 1pm.

1pm and no bloke so it was game on and we were fielding. They introduced me to the team including another bloke Dave who they said was their best fielder who hardly ever put a catch down and then put me in at Cover which turned out to be busiest place on the pitch! I was diving about all over the shop stopping the ball. I had one that came off the middle of the bat doing 80mph or faster that hit me square in the chest without having time to get any of my hand behind it which made a sickening thud that everyone around the pitch reported later they heard. Another low one I got all my fingers on but no hand that pulverised all my fingers on my right hand and then I was given the nod to bowl.

Concious that no-one had seen me bowl before and just having had all my spinning fingers mashed and not having had any warm up I was a bit nervous going into it and had a fairly poor first over. The second one was less wayward but the batsmen had a good over off me probably in the region of about 8 an over across the two. But this was the opening pair and they were well and truly bedded in as such and already had about 100 on the scoreboard.

I think it's important that if I'm bowling that I bowl earlier in the day, say for instance if I'd been out this morning around about 11 and had 20 minutes I seem to retain the form I'm in from the earlier session. If I just go into my bowling cold it takes 2 or 3 overs to get any rythmn going, so I kind of laughed when the SDR bloke said 'That'll be his loosener" when the first ball went wide and long.

Neil, if you're reading this - in no way does this mean that I don't want to play for G&CCC. I'm desperate to play for G&CCC - I was one of the first to pay my years membership fee as far as I'm aware.

Other news, is that while I was playing Reg at B&PCC rang and said that Ben had been selected to play for thier under 11's this coming Sunday at Orsett. Michelle spoke to him and it seems as though Joe just missed out, but Reg also said that Joe should go along because one of the kids still hadn't confirmed and Joe might still get a look in. (It seems to be a Wrist Spinner thing these selection issues). I was surprised that Joe had been left out because his potential to take wickets as far as I can see is far in excess of any of the other kids including Ben. Last Monday it was only Joe that took 2 wickets off his two overs, Ben took none and I think the other kids all had one each? Reg also said that Joe should go over the field on Wednesday night and have a knock about with him, Jamie and Jodie. So maybe Joe will make a better account of himself then and increase his chance of being selected.