Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pre match practice

I'm just about to go over the field with a bucket full of balls and see if I can replicate what I was doing on Thursday I've had a go outside on concrete using Hockey balls over shorter distances and that seems okay, but the test will be over the 22 yards. What I need to work on obviously is the line and length. If I have cracked it I wonder how long it'll take to gain control of the line and length aspect? Hopefully a month and maybe I'll have it? I'll report back later with how I get on.

Unfortunately when I arrived on the field there was a bunch of youths there and they joined in with me and we had a knock about so I wasn't able to concentrate and work on the Leg Break. Later just as I was packing up Ben and Joe turned up with some of their mates and they all had a knock about as well.

I've just looked at the G&CCC website to figure where I am tomorrow and I've just realised I'm playing in the 1st team! This'll be a first, at the minute it doesn't say who the oppo is but it's a funny combination of players including our coach who I've never played alongside before and wasn't aware that he still played? Several of the names I don't recognise at all, I probably know them by their Christian names but not their surnames.