Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 1 of no bowling

Yep the arm is sore and I wont be bowling or throwing a ball for quite some time it seems. I'm not sure whether throwing affects it as much as bowling because it does seem to be the act of stretching the arm and using the fingers that causes the aggravation? So I'm at a bit of a loose end now as to what to do. So this evening when I got in it was warm and sunny - 20 degrees and as I walked across our field I noticed the groundsman had mown the grass again and this time quite short all over. At the weekend I'd mown the wicket and had dropped the blades slightly lower not that I'll be bowling on it much in the next week or two!

After dinner Joe, Ben and I went over to The Rec and had a bit of a knock about. They both bowled and I was either the wicket keeper or the stand in batsman as they got in and out of their pads. Ben bowled well bowling both Joe and me a couple of times each. Joe bowled Ben once with a straight ball. Joe at the minute seems to have lost the ability to spin the ball, but whenever I try and get him to try something to get it to spin he kind of switches off. I think the best thing to do is let the young bloke at B&PCC show him as he takes far more notice of him. Alternatively just let him get fed up with bowling straight balls and come asking what to do. Tonight for instance he initially bowled every ball down the Leg Side looking for it to come round Ben's legs and none of them did. Eventually I suggested that he bowl to the off-side and he conceded "But I'm trying to bowl Leg Breaks Dad". I pointed out that they weren't turning and he then bowled straight at the stumps and to the off-side. I think it'll come in time.

I managed to refrain from bowling and only threw the ball under-arm. It's going to be a long week or two I reckon.

I've also tried to order Clarrie Grimmetts book 'On taking wickets' again. So while I'm out of action I'll read that and Philpotts 'Spinners Yarn'.