Sunday, May 17, 2009

Leg Break development

A quick re-cap. I was suffering from the Googly syndrome and had lost my leg break. No matter what I tried to do the ball always spun away towards Leg Slip (Off-spin). Last Sept I stopped bowling Wrong Uns and focussed on recovering my Leg Break. Through trial and error I discovered that if I just bowled straight with my palm facing the batsman releasing the ball primarily so that it came off the ring finger it produced a small leg break.

All the time I've been aware that I really need to be flicking the wrist to really spin the ball hard and this came about a month or so ago and was very sporadic over very short distances, but it proved that it was possible. Then a couple of weeks ago Macca posted this description on Big Cricket - The Traffic cop analogy combine with EOW's description of his leg break led me to trying this and it works.

Additionally a couple of days ago I reported this - and it seems as though I'm now at last getting it together. I'm now going to be working exclusively on the Traffic Cop Leg Break technique and the Big Flick with a view to being able to bowl these a decent line and length by the beginning of July. Things are looking good.