Saturday, May 09, 2009

Felt slightly better today so it does seem that I'm on the mend now, I had another text from Neil this morning at 9am asking if I could play. But as I'm still not 100% I had a lay in and didn't get up till 10.30. At which point I was tempted to say yes, but to be honest I just feel run down and as if the best thing would be to rest at least another day or so. But as the day has gone on it's obvious that I am on the mend and I am feeling better.

After lunch with the impending first game of the season for Joe and Ben tomorrow and the distinct lack of preparation for them I suggested that we go over 'The Rec' and have a knock about and do some bowling.

It didn't go that well, Joe's bowling and batting was on par with Ben's despite being almost 3 years younger than Ben which annoyed and frustrated Ben, but as I pointed out if I say 'Who wants to have a practice'? It's generally Joe that will say yes and come and have a knock about with me and therefore he's obviously improving. I'm hoping that Ben will shape up a bit tomorrow or bowl badly and self reflect and come to some conclusions that he needs to. Next week though they're training on Monday night and then possibly again on Wednesday night so hopefully Ben will improve a bit.

Just as we were about to leave the field a group of about 6-7 lads turned up with a bat and stumps and we asked if they wanted to join us and they did and we had a game with them. Some of these kids were good yet they don't belong to a team as such other than their school teams. One kid that was 9 had a bowling action that was very similar to Lasith Malinga's but not quite as low and round armed - maybe half way between vertical and malinga's and this kid was fast and accurate. Hopefully we'll get to play with them again because it's good practice.

This evening feeling a lot better I had a bowl myself on our field that went pretty well. There's a G&CCC match tomorrow with Horton Kirby which if I remember rightly is a fantastic pitch and venue in Kent which I've been looking forward to playing on all year and it looks like I'm going to miss it. Even if I was to get the call tonight I don't know how it would work out time wise with Ben and Joe's match. They start at 9.30 and it's 17 overs aside. Reg reckons that it'll be over with by 12.00 - 12.30 and then I'd have to get everyone home and then drive from Basildon to Horton Kirby in 1/2 an hour.