Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Medial Epicondylitis day 5 & 6

A ball didn't touch my hands at all yesterday at all which is good for my injury. I've been doing stretching exercises which I'll have to now do in future prior to bowling especially if this Leg Break comes together in the way that I'm expecting and hoping it will do in the near future.

I've been reading more of Grimmetts 'Getting Wickets' and just read a few pages where he talks about having a stock ball and the frequency of bowling variations. Although the book looks into variations more than any other book or resource I've ever come across with special emphasis of our beloved Flipper variations as discussed and tried on Grimmet says that variations should be used in a very limited manner only one ball per 2 or 3 overs and limited to a key variation and as I recall he highlights the Wrong Un in that particular section of the book. The other interesting thing he discusses at this point in the book which I was surprised with is the potential for Medium Pace bowlers to bowl wrong uns. Grimmett makes the observation (that I was pleased to hear) that bowling faster is easier when it's out of the back of the hand, he says that it is more natural for the ball to come out of the back of the hand in the delivery than from the front which may explain why it was so difficult for me to correct my Googly syndrome and re-learn the leg break. He says that to be a medium pace bowler it's important that you have the Wrong Un as one of your options and I think that this is a very good point and it's something I've never come across before. To me it makes perfect sense. He also observes that the Leg Break at higher speed is nowhere near as effective with regards it's ability to turn off the wicket. So once I'm convinced that my Leg Break is in good order I'll look again at my Wrong Un and the potential for it to be bowled at a higher speed than most of my other deliveries.

The question that this raises for me is what variation do you bowl alongside your Leg Break and why? It strikes me that this is one of those aspects to cricket that comes with experience. The ability to recognise where the batsman has weaknesses and then bowl in a fashion that works to exploit that weakness?


Joe, Ben and I went over to the Rec to have a bit of a knock about and again no Reg and Jodie which is a shame as I reckon if Jodie was around there's potential for both Ben and Joe to learn stuff. If the other bloke was around too there's the chance that we could play with 2 batsmen and Joe and Ben could practice running between the stumps and the importance of good communication. Anyway we all had a bowl and a bat and it seems that Ben's batting has got a lot better as he's suddenly attained the ability to hit the ball for 4 down the Leg-side. But he was saying that in that first match the kids were fast and gun barrel straight and there wouldn't have been that many opportunities to get the ball down the Legside. Again I bowled seam up to him and this time we were using real balls and he copped one in the chest and toughed it out. Again this is a good thing as it gives him a realistic sense of what to expect in a game.

I also bowled and bowled some of my wrist spin using the cocked wrist unfurled hand technique and man did it break! It looks very promising for the future, it's just a shame that I'm getting old and didn't discover this when I was younger. I can't believe how much turn I was getting off the crease. I putting the balls down the Leg Side wide of the stumps and they were turning in and hitting the stumps. Admittedly this was over 20 yards and on damp grass on the outfield, but give it some time and things look very promising. The other interesting thing is that I've not been practicing and yet my line was good and it felt as though I needed to be bowling a couple of yards further back. Let's see what happens in the run up to Sunday when I've got a game at home?