Saturday, May 02, 2009

Practice and more practice

A lovely day again here in the UK 20 degrees centigrade blue skies and very little cloud. I've had loads of practice just outside the house and tried another thing today - cocking the wrist and then kind of unfurling the cocked wrist as you release the ball and that seemed to work okay with he leg breaks. Later on with the stumps I had a go over the Rec and that went well too - the leg breaks working okay, the flippers swinging and particularly accurate. The top - spinner with no batsman I find a bit tricky.

Later on I went over to our field and the grass had been cut and I had another hour there so all told I must have practiced for about 3 hours today. The latter session went well too. I've sent Neil 2 texts today asking if there's any chance of a game and as yet (9pm) I still haven't had a reply. I've sent him a couple of emails as well which I'll check later.

10.00pm and I've just had a reply from Neil and again I've not been selected. Gutted. So what does that mean? There's no more net sessions, so I've got no more opportunities to demonstrate any abilities so now I run the risk of disappearing completely under the radar as such. What do I do pester him all week, or wait and not get on his nerves. In the short term I think I've just got to come to terms with the idea that this might go on all summer and approach each weekend with the idea that I'm not going to get a game and then maybe pleasantly surprised when one does come up. Thing is if I'm approaching this with the idea that I'm not going to be playing that will involve Michelle claiming back Sundays for family activities and me committing myself to them and potentially having to turn Neil down if he ever needs me to play? It's all a bit of a dilemma.

I wonder if there's such a thing as a Cricket mercenary/freelancer - Have bat, will travel where you can make yourself available to teams when this kind of thing happens and you bat at No.10 and maybe just field, at least that way I can be involved, watch and learn?