Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Medial Epicondylitis and more.

It's all going to pieces at the moment when it all looked so promising! It seems that with the Big Flick and the potential at last for me to bowl a decent leg break comes over-use of muscles that I've not used before. On Thursday I detected a soreness in the under-side of my forearm and put it down to trying the Top-Spinning Flipper which uses an exceptionally awkward bowling action with the hand. As you bowl it you can feel that you're using muscles not normally used and I decided that I'd stop there and not pursue it again for some time, maybe after the end of this season.

I then carried on with my new big flick leg break which then also felt as though it was stressing my muscles, but I thought that was understandable and thought it would gradually build muscles.... No pain - no gain as they say? Sunday I practiced and then had to stop becuase the arm was hurting to the point where I realised my body was suggesting I should stop. I've since not bowled and it seems to have got better over the last couple of day so I thought I'd see if I could bowl a few easy balls. So I went over the field and bowled 30 - 36 Flippers and Top-Spinners and stopped because the soreness returned. So it looks like I'm out of action for a while. Then just as I expected Matt rang tonight asking if I wanted to play this Sunday. Unfortunately I'm going to Thorpe Park this Sunday with the family and said I couldn't play and suggested that I may be up for a game on Saturday and then corrected myself mentioning the arm situation. So no game for me this weekend again.

Additionally last night at Basildon and Pitsea with Joe and Ben I was working with a bloke who was putting some of the more adept batsmen through their paces with a bowling machine and I was wicket keeping. We had a chat and he said to go over on Wednesday night as they have nets which I'm more than willing to take him up on, but again with this new injury I can't follow that up either. So I'm stuffed.

I've now got to resist bowling at all costs till not this Friday but the following and then come up with a strategy to ease back into it and not re-injure myself. So I've asked for some advice on the big cricket forum.... http://www.bigcricket.com/forum/t67407/#post349305 hopefully Liz Ward will be able to diagnose it and offer some advice?

One of the blokes on the forum came up with this and it sounds like what I've got - http://emedicine.medscape.com/article/327860-overview

Ben & Joe upated.

Ben and Joe similarly had a game this Sunday scheduled at home and because of the Thorpe Park trip they can't make the match which worried me a bit as it shows a lack of committment and someone could easily step into their shoes and make a valuable contribution in the match and they might be kissing their season a long goodbye?

That was further reinforced on Monday night when they went to their practice and all the boys were divided up into 2 distinct groups - "New Boys" and "Last years boys" but I noticed that one of the New Boys was also in with the "Last years boys" and yet Ben and Joe were left with the kids that would have trouble throwing a ball at a barn door and I mean throwing not bowling. Initially I was slightly miffed but then watched the last year boys and the 1 single new boy who had gone up with them and it soon became clear that all these boys including the New Boy were far more skilled than Joe and Ben at batting and I was roped in with wicket keeping facing the bowling machine with no gloves and soon realised that this was far too advanced for Ben and Joe at the minute. Ben and Joe for some reason decline my offers of a chance to practice and as I've said before I have to be careful of not over-killing them with cricket. So as a consequence they get very little in the way of practice especially with the bat. In fact they both see themselves as bowlers primarily. Whether this is laziness or not I'm not sure, but I reckon it probably is as they rarely work on their bowling with me.

So this week Ben and Joe ended up with the newbies, but in the long run I think it was for the better as it builds their confidence and it's fun. It turned out that they both enjoyed it with Ben hitting 3 sixes and Joe hitting a couple of 4's and both of them taking wickets on a pitch with a very short boundary. But I think the key is that they had fun and I don't think they'd have had fun with the Bowling machine set as it was.

With regards their bowling we get their 1/2 hour early and one of the Key kids in the team Jodie who is an aspiring opener and the wicket keeper gets there early too looking to bat for 1/2 an hour. So Joe, Ben and a couple of others bowl the full 20 yards using real balls and do okay. So they get a good workout then and there over and above all the other kids.