Monday, May 25, 2009

Medial Epicondylitis day 5

Got up and threw the ball around a bit this morning working on accuracy. That went pretty well and no problem with my arm. This afternoon Joe, Ben and me went over the Rec and had a knock about. I set up a decent distance boundary and we played in the style of 'Terrier Cricket' and Ben did particularly well in both areas - Bowling and Batting. He hit several 4's and again the majority of these were down the Leg Side. In the end I decided that I'd bowl at him much faster using the plastic practice balls to emulate the type of bowling that he would expect to have in a match because they tend to all be seam bowlers. So I bowled Medium pace seam up balls and he handled these pretty well and I reckon from now on this is what I should do for both of them in order that they get used to this type of bowling as it's what they're going to get in their matches.

It also meant that I wasn't using my spinning fingers in the manner that has led to my injury. Despite bowling a bit of spin this morning and again this afternoon I'm alright tonight which is good so I've signed up for inclusion in any game that might be available this Sunday.

Seam bowling was interesting and I might not of ever considered it if it wasn't for Clarrie Grimmetts mention of it in his book Getting Wickets which I'm currently reading. Just the fact that Grimmett speaks about it in a positive manner made me consider it as an option to look at and today provided the perfect reason to give it a go. The thing I noticed was the ease with which you can direct the ball straight at the stumps and the additional addition of changing the seam direction in the hand added a new dimension in that the ball deviated off the pitch in the direction intended. Sitting here typing I have faced an Aussie bowler who played or rather practiced with the MPA 1st XI back in the day and he bowled a ball that was probably in the 50 - 55 mph speed region that he was able to make the ball swing one way or the other. Interestingly my 10 year old son who bowls seam up gets his balls to swing unintentionally and similarly he doesn't bowl super quick by any stretch of the imagination and yet the ball does swing. The paragraph in the book which opened my eyes to the Medium Pace potential was this - By medium pace bowling, I do not mean the straight-up-and-down medium pace deliveries with which we are so familiar, but medium paced bowling with sting and spin. Getting Wickets Page 61; C.V. Grimmet; London 1930; Hodder & Stoughton.
So with such a positive endorsement from Grimmett and the potential of a straight ball that swings with seemingly a far higher potential for accuracy it may well worth be a look at? I'll continue reading the book and see if the subject is expanded on with regards it's use to spinners.

Joe & Ben

Joe and Ben have a game this Sunday at Wickford and a 3 hour training session on Thursday set up by the Council. It seems that it's in conjunction with B&PCC and Reg has advised all the boys in the team to go along and get involved as they missed out on their weekly training today because of the bank holiday.

I've just emailed Terry Jenner to see if I can get Joe in on his Spin Clinic at Chigwell in July and at the same time asked if I can go along and watch. I'll keep you all posted as to what happens.