Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10 steps back

It's Wednesday and I've not even picked up a ball all day - not even to flick. The only thing I've done which is cricket related is to say that I'm not playing this Sunday at Chalkwell Park and I've mowed the wicket in the paddock. I dropped the blades even further and gave it a really short cut and then said to Ben and Joe that tomorrow night we'll have a bat on there. The only thing is all the local kids seem to have taken to playing football in there in the early evening whereas I'm pretty sure that last year they'd have been on the football pitch just across the way?

Last night I bowled and it was pretty shameful in that I couldn't do anything consistently apart from bowl very innocuous small turning leg breaks on the off-stump. The thing is - I thought that this was pretty much what I was doing last year and yet I was taking wickets galore and yet this year I've been taken to task so far. After last nights bowling where I was showing a tendency to bowl wrong uns when I made any effort to spin the ball big I've decided not to bowl tonight and see if that helps in some way?

When I get back to it I'll be trying to bowl the Biggun and I'll be setting up the other set of spring back stumps and putting them in front of the actual stumps in the position of the batsman and I'll be trying to bowl round the back of them from outside of leg.