Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All at sea

Had an hour out in the paddock tonight. Most of the time was spent trying to bowl the Big Leg-break. Worked intermittently over a short distance - 15 yards, but any more than that and I lost it completely quite quickly. I keep saying this, but I suppose I'll have to work at it at a short distance for some time before I move up to the next stage. Maybe I'll try 16 yards for a few days and see what happens and move up in increments of 2 yards at a time. Realistically I could come up with a 4 week plan, bowling a whole week at each length seeing if I can get it sussed at each of the lengths before moving on? Something needs to be done, because whatever the changes are that I've made with my usual bowling action, they seemed to have improved my accuracy, but not the amount of turn I get off the wicket. It's all a bit depressing at the minute, but I'll have to see how it goes over the coming week and maybe ask to bowl last so that I'm only subjected to the tail enders in my next match just as a precaution?