Thursday, April 15, 2010

The kids were away today at the beach with some friends and my wife leaving me at home to have a bit of practice. It ended up being a frustrating couple of hours with nothing going particularly right. Extremely accurate, but not a lot of turn with the leg-breaks. The wrong un on the other hand turns like Shane Warnes ball of the century nearly every time! After about an hour of persisting with the Leg-Break it eventually started to come good with a far more relaxed approach and a looser grip. So for the latter 3rd of the session I was back on form, but I was still trying all sorts of things and never really found a good groove where I felt I was bowling with a
degree of ease. At the end, for an extra 10 minutes or so, I had a go at the Biggun having been practicing it up against the garage and it working well. The same success was initially found over about 15 yards but I then quicky changed up to 17, 19 and 22 yards and it went to pieces again. I find that the more effort I put into bowling it the more it has a tendency to be a wrong un.

Later in the day I had another 1/2 an hour bowling just the Biggun over fifteen yards and that went fairly well. This delivery in comparison with my other Leg-Breaks is fundamentally different. To the point where maybe my usual Leg-Breaks may not even be Leg-Breaks, but might be defined as Leg-Cutters because they do not use Philpotts much vaunted 'Flick'? Maybe it's the case that because I've had the 'Googly syndrome' I'm still really struggling to produce what Philpott would call a proper Leg-Break with the big wrist flick, I can do it with the Wrong Un easily and it turns massive and with such ease, but getting the wrist and fingers to flick so the ball comes out as a Big Leg-Break I'm finding very difficult. Having said that it's coming together slowly. This second session I just stuck to bowling over 15 yards and for about 66% of the time I'd say that it worked well and it turned massively. The rest of the time it went straight or come out as Wrong Uns. I'll stick to 15 yards and just see if I can get it working well over that distance far more consistently before I mover on to bowling a longer