Friday, April 16, 2010

Wrist Spin frustration

Managed to bowl a lot today 3 or 4 seperate sessions all of them kind of frustrating. It may be the nature of the wicket in the Paddock, but I'm not getting a great deal of turn off the wicket at all. In recent months with the practice on tarmac using Hockey balls I've been getting the ball to turn very well, but on grass with a seamed ball it seems a bit inconsistent. My accuracy is good, but the turn I get with my leg-break seems a bit minimal and I've not been that happy with it. Maybe I need to go back to hockey balls and just see if it works with them or whether I've changed something in my action that means I'm not spinning the ball which is what I suspect is what's happening because if I try and bowl my wrong un it turns beautifully.

What I have been doing is trying to work with my over-rotation and limit that as that's the likely cause of my feet/calf muscle problems and people are suggesting that if I don't over-rotate I might get more spin. But the evidence today has been that I get the ball to turn more off the wicket if I stick to my natural way of bowling with the over-rotation.

I've just had a look at the John F Cooke you tube video of Beau Casson bowling and noticed that maybe my follow through isn't that strong? Casson brings his arm through powerfully and then it tucks up - whereas my arm kind ends up dangling loose after a bit of a follow through. The other thing in the Casson video is the use of cones to try and train you to not to rotate, funnily enough the main bloke David Freedman demonstrates a drill to increase power in the follow through and massively over-rotates.