Monday, April 26, 2010

Slowly but surely

I had another poor game on Sunday with no wickets but slightly better figures, but I'll blog about that later. With the fact that I'm bowling so badly it seems far more important that I get the Big Leg Break sussed. I spend varying amounts of time with it and have differing levels of success with it, but there's a few little things that are coming together.

1. The length, I'm gradually getting the length and during some sessions I can bowl it and get it to turn big off of 22 yards, but most of the time I'm working at 20 yards.

2. The accuracy isn't horrendous bad and if it doesn't turn it generally goes on to hit or just misss the stumps or slightly worryingly it'll be a wrong un instead that goes the other way almost as good as the leg break! The subtleties in the wrist position are exceedingly difficult for me to perceive still, which seems to bode well for the future if I can get this sussed, because it feels to me as though I'll only need to change the wrist position a smidge and the ball will do other things?

With my old style bowling I'm still being tonked everywhere because there just seems to be so little turn off the wicket whereas over the winter and even now using a Hockey Ball on concrete or tarmac I can get the ball to turn, so maybe because of the nature of the dimple plastic ball it does grip the surface and assist the spin? Maybe with my own bowling I'm landing the ball on the smooth area of the ball. What I have noticed about some of my own bowling is that it's not spinning through the air that much - but somehow it still turns okay. Maybe when I'm practicing I float it in a bit slower whereas when faced with a batsman I'm less inclined to float the ball in and I'm bowling a lot flatter?

Tonight I was bowling the Biggun and there were degrees of success, when it turned it did so massively and when it didn't it went straight or the other way. But again as with recent sessions the accuracy was pretty decent along with the length. So I'll continue to plug away slowly.