Saturday, April 03, 2010

18 Days of practice Day 2

More rain over-night and as if to just exaggerate and demonstrate how wet the wicket is these two turn up...........They appeared to be sifting through the mud and water - probably eating my seeds or grass shoots!

The remainder of the day stayed dry and I went over the tennis courts and had a good hour or so with Joe practicing all sorts of things - throwing at the stumps, which he got better at, catching, bowling and some batting. He did well with is batting - especially off of the spin he was rocking back onto the back foot and watching where the ball went then hitting it. Not so good though when I bowled the wrong un. But overall it was a good session which seemed to increase his confidence. He also bowled me a couple of times when I was batting - sneaking the ball between the bat and my pads.

The forecast for the next few days looks to be drier, lets keep the fingers crossed.