Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 9 and 10

Nothing has been happening as we'd gone oop North to Derbyshire. Played cricket with the kids and had a bit of a practice in the nets at West Hallam as mentioned before. Before I mentioned the fact that I couldn't bowl in the nets that well because they were simply too low. How can we ever train kids to bowl spin when the practice facilities are designed with fast bowlers and batsmen in mind? No wonder we're so low on good quality spinners when the practice facilities fail to cater for anyone that wants to learn the craft.

Got home tonight almost in the dark and was hoping to have a look at the Paddock and see how it was looking after a its mowing and rolling. Unfortunately even though it was dark there was a bunch of kids on there playing football. Hopefully it'll have survived and they've not been wearing boots with studs in. With a bit of luck we might get another rolling session in and perhaps cut it again?