Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Day 5 of 18

Another sunny day and the sense that spring is really here with the temperature in the 16.5 centrigrade region and back to back sunshine all day right up till 19.00 hrs. So much sun that I've got a sun burnt forehead. For much of the day from about 10.30 this morning we've been outdoors, so that's been good. First up our usual session over at The Rec in the old tennis courts and the usual fun. I've been teaching Ben and Joe to recognise the release from hand with the Leg-Break and the Wrong Un, because Joe keeps copping it in the face and the body with my Wrong Un, which is coming out of the hand particularly well, which bodes well for the start of the season.

The rest of the day I've spent over on the Paddock trying to bowl the Biggun with some real success over a short distance. It's still not dry over there, so I've been bowling from the middle of the wicket towards and beyond the bowlers end. I didn't measure out the distance I was bowling over but it must be around 15-16 yards. I'm getting a seamless (Hockey Ball) to turn 45 degress, but the good news is the Line is looking consistent and very promising. If I can keep at it over the holiday and have the Big Leg-Break as my development ball, there's a good chance I may beat my objective of getting sussed by the end of the season and may have it working at the start of the season. Currently though, it feels like a ball that I would have to bowl almost all of the time to keep it working, but that may change as I get used to it and get it sussed. I've had three short sessions today bowling it and each time I've gone back to it, it's not taken that much work to get it working well again - maybe 6 balls?

Paddock News

Still very wet around the middle of the wicket and because I'm watching it every day, the grass doesn't appear to be growing at all. I contemplated rolling it today as the surface of the earth in certain places is now beginning to dry up and crack a little. I'll probably let it dry for another day and maybe roll the wet bit tomorrow night if it looks okay. I may also cut it soon as well as the grass is beginning to get long now and the shorter grass may help to dry it up? We're busy tomorrow so possibly a rest from cricket during the day with a short window of opportunity in the evening, I'll be looking forward to seeing whether I can go straight into bowling the Big Leg-Break and maintaining the line?