Sunday, April 04, 2010

Day 3 of 18

Weather slightly better today, very light and short showers with some fairly long spells of sunshine. Tomorrow looks like more of the same with an increase in sunshine, but we're still some way off of being in a position to where we could roll the paddock.

Similarly the idea that we might start to think about rolling a wicket on Great Berry Open Space ready for the summer is literally dead in the water. The whole field is saturated with a lot of places having 1/2" of standing water on the surface. Other than that though I do like that field and there is the prospect that if we were to establish a wicket there Keith and others might actually use it in the evenings and we could get a good little crowd going over there in the evening? It's definitely something to ponder and to keep an eye on.

Didn't get to have a full-on focused type practice, but went over the Rec to have a knock about with Ben and Joe. Joe at the minute is the in-form player both with the bat and the ball, he bowled me out getting 2 wicket maidens against me and bowled Ben out a couple of times. Added to that he scored 19 off his 2 overs today beating both me and Ben. Then later he was asking me to bowl him bouncers so that he could practice his Ricky Pointing hook shots, which to be fair he did pretty well, he's also picked up hitting the ball down the leg-side in the same way that Ben has. I was able to try a new batting technique which I'll keep practicing and may try out in the nets next week?