Sunday, April 18, 2010

Back to the drawing board.

I don't have the exact score but a rough score will give you some idea what kind of a day I've had with my first game of the season......

Hornchurch 369 for 4 and in reply we were 54 all out. One of their openers scored 220! It was the worst bowling performance I've ever come up with in any game it was like this for all six overs. The final two did get better, but by then it was far too late. Now the excuses...... The bloke that scored 220 was a 1st team player No.3 batsman and it wasn't just me that he took apart, although I reckon I was the worst by far.

So, what now? I've not felt like I've been on form for the last week or so, so that may be a contributory factor. I've also been mucking about with the way I bowl, my action, the way I grip the ball, the rotation and more and over the last week all it's really done is messed my bowling up. Other people have said to try and lose the skip that I do when I bowl and basically I've been listening to loads of other people and trying loads of different stuff out. The main thing is - I've just not felt comfortable in my overall action.

Most of the stuff that I bowled today were full tosses and half-volley type balls, the pitch didn't offer any bounce, so I'd imagine that worked against me as normally the irregular bounce causes problems and a lot of the shots were playing the ball from the off-side hitting it out to deep mid-wicket or rather about 50' over the top of deep mid-wicket. I only bowled 2 wides and they were both down the off-side. The ball wasn't turning much either and the wrong uns which came out okay were being hit 50' over the top of deep square leg. None of it was good, 80% was just simply too long, loads of full tosses - just a total disaster.