Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Day 6 of 18

Damp today, very fine drizzle.

24hrs later...... The Big Leg-Break In the drizzle I went over to an old tennis court near me with the Hockey Balls and had another go and extended the length to 20 yards. It went okay and looks promising in the longer term. Line was generally good, length was a bit iffy and the consistency of the release technique was erratic. Additionally over the longer distance with the need to propel the ball faster the sting was being taken out of the turn off the wicket a bit, but it was still bigger than my usual leg-break and this is with a ball with no seam. The longer term prospects look promising.

Towards the end of the practice I was joined by an old bloke Gerhardt a South African and took up the role as wicket keeper and he was very impressed with my ability to turn the ball both ways at will. My Wrong Un was going exceptionally well - going back to the loose grip method I used to use and man was it turning and pretty accurate as well on the Off-Stump. My usual Leg-Breaks were good - very accurate Off-stump line and length, so things are looking very promising for the start of the season. There was a chance that I could have played this weekend but we're away -going up to Derby to go to Alton Towers, but I've indicated that I want to play on the 18th of April, so hopefully Wayne will get back to me and let me know?