Sunday, March 13, 2011

Joe and Ben nets

Another fairly decent net session with Joe and Ben. Ben's radar was a little iffy at times, bowling short a lot and balls a little wide of Leg Stump ocassionally. Despite that none of the batsmen lasted more than 4 or 5 of his deliveries with the exception of Harrison. Changes in pace look to be the downfall of the better batsmen, but whether Ben is able to bring this into his approach without being told to do so, when he bowls is another matter.

Joe in the next net was doing very well with his Leg Breaks turning them big outside of Leg and getting them to come in through the gate or across the body to hit off or middle and off impressing the blokes that were coaching him. I've also noticed that as Joe bowls these days he's more up on the ball of his foot and swinging his leg round the pivot leg. We've got a ball as well that Joe uses that's got a nice seam on it and I reckon that helps him and offers real encouragement.

Overall both Joe and Ben did quite well as we move towards the start of the season.