Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knackered Knees

Four years into my development as a Wrist Spinner and perhaps I'm getting there, now that I've got a bound and it looks like my body may be on the verge of giving up on me? Last summer when I'd been sprinting in the outfield I'd come away from the games with sore knees. The soreness generally went after 24 hours or so. There as also a game at Hornchurch when I twisted my knee quite badly trying to change direction quickly and my spikes didn't grip, although I don't recall which leg that was. Anyway the general feeling was that something was going on in the knee department and then over the winter it wasn't an issue. But at some point this winter the soreness has returned possibly when playing badmintion and again I never took to much notice of it and it faded over-night to be okay the next day.

But, now with the new bowling action and it being a lot more dynamic the knee issue has become more pressing. The new action sees me come out of the bound with the right foot planted side on to facilitate a good rotation, which I guess must put some additional pressure on the knee joint as this is a wholly new physical action for my knee. In addition after the pivot and release of the ball, my follow through is an awful lot faster and more vigorous than previously and this is no doubt putting more pressure/impact on the knee? As a result I'm getting knee soreness at new levels and after bowling Sunday with the kids and then again for 2 hours at nets I've been hobbling around like an old man since and only now 48 hours later I'm beginning to feel slightly better. All of which is a bit worrying. So I reckon I may not bowl this weekend and I may give bowling in the nets a miss on Monday night and may only bat. I'm thinking I'll possibly do this for a couple of weeks and see how it goes, but it's definitely a concern and if the soreness persists I'll have to get to a Doctor and get it checked out.