Saturday, March 26, 2011

Knackered Knee

The knackered knee is repairing it seems, the last few days had seen a dramatic improvement and I'm still managing to resist the temptation to do any 'Full on' bowling or activities that may stress the knee. Last night weirdly I had a few beers (Well more than a few) and I walked very briskly from one pub to another and at one point earlier on in the night, I sort of noticed some tenderness, but I did seem to be walking normally, rather than with the hint of a limp. Later with a little more beer down my neck I noticed that I was walking completely normally other than staggering a bit and there was no soreness. Today it's been absolutely fine with virtually no sensation of weakness or tenderness. So I may now re-start the stretching very gently and try and build some flexibility in the thigh muscles which is the suspected under-lying reason for the knee issue. Additionally I'll maintain the avoidance of sport activity and any other stress on the knee/thigh.