Friday, March 11, 2011

Legspin Biomechanics

So, the new action is posted up on Youtube.......... and the comments I'm receiving from people are very good, especially from people that are in the know. I'm now being given specific drills to tweak the new action and improve it further. Weirdly, this video here, from a biomechanical point of view illustrates clearly something that I'm not doing. Coming away from the last net session and the practice in the old tennis courts, one of the things I'd have said that I was aware of that was lacking in my bowling was the rotation through the hips. It's been pointed out that when I move onto the 'Pivot foot' it's pretty static (See here) and I need to work with this aspect of my action in order to force further improvements. The hope is, if I can replicate the twist that you can observe in the video clip game where the bowler clearly rotates on the ball of his foot in his rotation, I should achieve far more spin and turn off of the wicket whilst maintaining my fairly decent accuracy. So, in theory given a few weeks with the drill and some training, the next set of videos should hopefully include a better rotation on the ball of the foot and better spin.