Sunday, March 06, 2011

Practice with the new bowling action

On Saturday I took the stumps and a bucket of Hockey Balls and went over to The Rec (Tarmac Tennis courts) taking the Canon G9 to record where I am with the new bowling action. A quick update on the story if you're new to this blog. I've been bowling Wrist Spin since the inception of this blog - so this July I'd have been at it for 5 years and right from the outset with no coaching I started out with a peculiar little skip which can be seen in many of my videos that are posted on Youtube. Over the years loads of people have said that I need to get rid of this 'Skip' and bowl with a bound as it would improve many aspects of my bowling one of which is the speed at which I bowl. Changing it seemed inconceivable as it was such an ingrained action and not until I found the Beau Casson video on Youtube in which he demonstrated the Stand Start was I able to start to consider getting rid of the skip . Working with the stand start drill at the end of last season, I moved on to walking in off of 3 or 4 steps and in doing so noticed a dramatic improvement in my bowling.

Over the winter I continued to work with the stand start and having taught my older son Ben to bowl with a bound when he was bowling off the wrong foot, I realised that there was some hope that I may be able to work with the bound and develop it over the winter and into the pre-season preparation. My younger son Joe who is a Wrist Spinner as well helped me out initially with the basics of the action and got me on my way and week or so ago at this same venue I spent an hour practicing with it. The following week I bowled with the action in the nets and that was okay too. So with 3 hours of practice with this new action I took the camera out with me yesterday and video'd where I am with it now.

There's a far better quality version on Youtube here.......