Sunday, March 13, 2011

Paddock maintenance

It's rained quite a bit today and I've taken the opportunity to get some seed down at the batting end and feed the grass at the same time with fishmeal and some top dressing. Whether that works out to be a good idea in the longer term I'm not that sure because I will want to roll it again soon and with new grass growing and being really fragile I don't know whether getting the seed in at this point is the best option? I suppose with all of these things I'll just have to see how it goes, it's all expermental and it's not like I've got another strip to work with while I let this one grow and the seeds to germinate. The only thing that is on our side is the intention that we wont be using it till May, but it's going to be tempting to use it during the Easter Break if the weather cheers up and we get a lot of sunny days. The intention is that on those days we'd be in the tennis courts at The Rec.

You can pick out the fact that I've put down some top dressing as it's the brown colour. As soon as I'd finished the rain came down again which is good as it'll get the grass off to a good start.