Saturday, March 12, 2011

Window of opportunity closing

It hasn't rained a great deal since the middle of Feb and today being an opportunity to get into the paddock with the roller and roll it for the first time, looks like it may be put off in hope that it'll rain again and re-soak the ground again. With it being March 12th sunny days like today would be good if we had seeded it as well.

To be continued.......

Later; I went over and had a look as my lads were playing football in the paddock and realised that the grass was in fact pretty dry and not that long and could potentially be cut. I couldn't tempt them to go and play cricket over at The Rec (Tennis courts) and was at a bit of a loose end and thought I'd get the mower and see if I could cut the grass and sure enough as you can see below it was okay.

Additionally once I'd cut the grass I had a better sense of how uneven and lumpy the wicket was and decided that I would roll it after all. All in all considering I wasn't going to do this at all this weekend and was going to chance it after the next rain fall, I'm quite pleased that I got it done now. The only thing I really need to do is get some seed down, which I may do tomorrow.

As you can see my kids and their mates were on there today playing football and this is an on-going problem that I just have to live with and it's getting worse as each year there seems to be more and more kids getting in there and using it and they're all getting bigger by the year causing more damage. I'll just to have to see how it goes.

After the rolling and mowing I was going to go and have a bowl on my own, but I managed to persuade Joe and Ben and their mates to go over to the old tennis courts as the Rec and have a bit of a knock about. Ben and his mate Kieran were up for beating their current record of a 28 run partnership, but I limited it to 9 runs and the best partnership of the day ended up being Mine and Bens with a new record of 32 runs at which point I declared. In this scenario Ben usually comes away with the best bowling figures taking the most wickets, but he batted throughout this session with no-one getting him out and what with him not bowling I came home with the best results having taken 3 wickets! Mostly edges to Joe behind as wicket keeper.