Saturday, March 19, 2011

Knackered Knee #3


Another good day. The knee felt good this morning with the impression that it's getting better. We then went to Decathlon and I bought a Knee brace to wear once I start bowling and practicing again. I went through the bowling action wearing it in the shop and it felt good.

This afternoon, what with it being a blue sky sunny spring day we went over the Rec Tennis courts and had a knock about. Joe bowled well, taking three wickets and I took one. I bowled taking it easy - virtually standing still and bowling wearing the support and I'm okay this evening. If anything it would have been the running that was the most problematic, but I hobbled through the running and seem to have survived that as well.

The Paddock

Had a look at the Paddock today and thought about giving it a mowing. The grass seed that was put down last week hasn't shown yet as expected and will be another 10 days or so yet I reckon. This last week has been horrible - cold and foggy for the most part, so today with the sun out and blue sky meant that the temperature lifted to 10 - 12 degrees. Hopefully this will encourage germination of the seeds and general growth of the grass helped by a whole day of heavy rain yesterday. What with it being so soggy, there wasn't any chance of getting the mower out and I'll leave it a little longer before I bring out the roller again. In the meantime, there's loads of football being played in the paddock which isn't that helpful, but generally it's looking okay.

I need to buy some more seed as I mentioned last week and keep seeding on a regular basis. I noted today that both the squares at Langdon Hills and Herongate have both been cut, so I'm on schedule it seems with my own attempts at pitch maintenance. I'll try and get some seed tomorrow as it's expected to rain for much of the day.