Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pre-season nets Ben and Joe

Another awful performance by the both of them, Ben was bowling short - almost half way down the wicket most of the time and Joe wasn't even hitting the mat half the time and the balls he did get on the mat went legside and didn't turn. There was some improvement once I intervened and suggested that he didn't have such a long run up and personally I think half the problem with Ben is that they've suggested that he lengthens his run up and his bowling improved a little once he shortened his run up and didn't try and bowl at 100 mph. I think there probably could be more of a run up, but it strikes me as something you might work on in a more focused and intensive manner e.g. a 1 to 1 type session? For the moment I'm not really going to say anything to Ben other than to suggest that he along with Joe start to bowl more mid week and get back into the swing of things because at the minute because there's not a lot of cricket happening they're not getting the practice. Fortunately the clocks have gone forward today, so now it doesn't get dark till gone 7, so there's options to go and have a practice over at the Rec and get into the swing of things. More positive though - Joe had a bat today and did quite well and came away from that very enthused. So that was definitely good and I may try and play him off against Ben a bit suggesting that if worked on his batting he may get better than Ben?