Tuesday, February 12, 2008

15 degrees centigrade!

Strewth it's Feb 12th and it's going to be 15 degrees today!

Yesterday I took some pictures with Ben and Joe over at the field that we'll be using for cricket this summer and I'm just sitting here now thinking what I can do today to prepare for it. The area where the ball lands needs to be flat and smooth and I'm just wondering whether there's any point of going over there and flattening it some how? The ground is still very moist and wet and I suppose I could try and contact the council and see if they could help in some way? I'm wondering if there's any point in getting a piece of board and laying it on lumpy bits of the new wicket to be and just stamp on it to make it flatter? Or if there's any dips fill em in while the grass is still just about to start growing more rapidly?