Thursday, February 21, 2008

The weekend ahead

Just watched the weather and it's looking very promising with regards the weekend. It's going to be around 14 degrees and windy tonight and tomorrow, so what with the rain holding off and the wind the ground is going to be drying out nicely and it'll be a fairly pleasent?

Hopefully I might be able to persuade some of the old team to come out for a bit of a knock about and put some of the stuff into practice that I've been advised to look at with regards my bowling via the internet after posting the video clip. The primary objective will be to get my front arm up higher and use it in levering the other arm over faster to add the whip effect as the arms rotate? I've also been requested to shoot the video footage closer so that the run-in is recorded in more detail, so I'll do this from both the side and the back I reckon?

I emailed the bloke at the council from last year and he's given me his mobile number and said to arrange and meet him to have a chat as to how he might be able to help us. He's mentioned that as yet the Rec isn't booked up on Sundays which sounds really worrying as it's normally block booked by Basildon cricket club as far as I was aware, so that suggests that something drastic has happened? It's more worrying for cricket in more general terms because if the Rec isn't used for Cricket and people are not paying to use it, needless to say the neccessity to maintain a wicket will be nulified. I've noticed in the past that if you look at ariel images of Gloucester Park it appears that at some point in the past there was another cricket pitch behind the running track, is it a case that in this area cricket is dying out? It would really be a shame if that was the case? Especially when you think in terms of the facilities that G&CCC have to put up with when compared to the beauty and serenity of the pitch at the Rec and the fact that the council take such pride in maintaining it! It'd be devastating if this pitch disappears. But then again I may be reading far too much into the email!!!