Monday, February 11, 2008

Gloucester Park "Tree Field"

Gloucester Park is a big area and there's several places you can have a game of cricket. 2 official cricket pitches one with a pavillion (Murrayfields) and loads of open field areas including the area that I looked at last year called J field because of the peculiar J shaped mowing pattern that was there. Anyway this fields going to be designated as "Tree field" owing to the obvious trees that are adjacent to the wicket.

The first image here is looking SSW and you can see that the field is big enough but smack in the middle almost is a bunch of trees and these trees are in a position equivalent to an area between point and cover if you're at the southern end of the wicket batting which is a pain in the butt, but this is where these blokes play and the patch of grass that is the most even and most central is here.

The next image is looking in the opposite direction towards where the first shot was taken. My two sons are standing where the stumps will be and this illustrates the proximity of the trees with a fourth tree just out of shot on the right. It's not ideal but this field is very central to the town and is in an area only a few hundred yards from some more favourable fields that I'm hoping to maybe persuading these blokes to play or get them to play eventually on the real cricket pitches (again only a few hundred yards away). The other benefit of these fields is that they are right under the noses and within site of the council officials that work nearby on the council bowling greens. I've had loads of support from the council in the past and if I can propogate that support again this summer there is a small chance that I might even be able to get the council roll a wicket and even cut the field and wicket for us? It may be the case that the bowling green only at the edge of the field has a roller?

All in all apart from the trees this is a good venue with the potential for two teams to be formed here over the coming summer and having a bit of a laugh and some good games.

Watch this space.....