Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Practice session

As predicted the weather was unbelievably warm and I made sure that we went over to Gloucester Park on the Tree Field and got some practice in using stumps for the first time partly to get the attention of any prospective players and the ground staff at the park. All in it was a very good practice session with some very consistent bowling (line and length) although I didn't record how good it was as I have done in the past. So it does look as though all my practice with the Top Spinners has paid off because they in particular are very accurate, but with an added bonus of just turning my hand only slightly they become Wrong Uns and very effective wrong Uns at that - they turn quite dramatically!

There did seem to be loads of council staff around, so hopefully word will get around and I'll get a visit from the bloke who helped out last year. I also noted that adjacent to the field there were a couple of bloke who were driving around and working using one of those 6 wheeled rough terrain vehicles. If I could just get them to make a slight detour everytime they to and fro from their main working area to the section our field is in and drive along the length of our wicket surely that would be beneficial in that it would flatten out and compress our wicket? It's something I'll have to work on.

So here we are Feb 12th and the first use of stumps and cricket balls!

Hopefully tonight in my one and only net session with my team I'll be able to replicate some of the bowling I managed today? I'll report back later.