Sunday, February 17, 2008

17th Feb Five Tree Field

Hmm, today has been interesting - disheartening in lots of ways. I'd said that I'd upload some video clips of my bowling for people to comment on but I'm not sure I'm up for taking such a hammering.

I've looked at the clips and my initial thought was "That just looks ridiculously slow". I had a mate join me who played with us last year, the blokes not a cricket player and in the few games we played last year he was bowled for a duck everytime, as I recall last year he just went for every ball really aggressively and was caught each time. But with no fielders around and with no pressure he can get on the end of almost anything and hit it. So initially this is what he was doing. No matter what I bowled he was just moving and getting the bat on it. He seems to have amazing eye to ball awareness and reacts very late and in practice situations like today he managed to knock me all over the park. (he's left handed).

I was beating myself about it a bit and then I realised that if you were to crank up the pressure it would more than likely affect the way he played? So remembering something David Hinchcliffe had recommended to me last summer we changed the dynamics of the confrontation e.g. "Six balls left and you've got to score 20 runs". That then changed everything and he was far less affective. Also in a game situation we'd have just placed fielders in positions to catch the ball and again his batting would have been shown up for it's weaknesses, he concedes that he's not an accomplished batsman, just strong with quick reactions. So having thought about it like that I'm feeling slightly better.

I also noticed looking at the video clip that my balls are very flighty and are in the air seemingly ages and again I was thinking this looks so wrong, but then I looked at some of the clips on-line - (Terry Jenner clips) and my flight looks similar. But then looking at the clips on the cloverdale videos McGill appears to bowl with less height but much faster?

I suppose the ground is still soaked so there's hardly any bounce in it and other factors. Looking at the cloverdale video I'm slightly heartened as some of what I do looks spot on and it looks as though if I keep practicing the line and length accuracy, if I vary what I'm doing it should all come together. Again, going back to today I noticed that the speed of the delivery really bamboozled my mate, so maybe it wasn't all so bad? In a game situation with fielders maybe I wouldn't have clean bowled him which I only managed to do once today, but he'd have been caught behind and out at point again and again.

What he did conceded was that since last year my line and length accuracy had improved. I also noted tonight in the cloverdale video Terry Jenner says when talking about Wrong Un's "Don't bowl it so often that you lose your Leg Break". It looks like this is what I've done, I tried several today and they did turn a bit every now and then but nothing like my Wrong Uns.
As for the videos - I've been in two minds about posting them, but have decided to post one of them, I still need to sort out how to position the camera for best affect. All I'm asking for with regards this one is my run in - what's it like? Anyone offer any advice?

It's only worth looking at the first minute, I think the rest of the clip we're out of frame collecting balls, I did try and edit it, but it doesn't seemed to have happened.