Sunday, February 03, 2008

Fitness intentions and ideas

There's football field just a few yards from my house so I reckon I may start my exercise regime there - but a better idea might be to do my training at the field or near the field where there's a big bunch of blokes (22-24 of them) who play informal cricket - the blokes I want to get playing real cricket this summer (See earlier posts). That way I can get a sense of how often they play, when they play and try and make friends with them so that I can make the propostion?

Check out

Anyway that aside. What I'm going to do as I am so unfit is probably walk a circuit the first couple of times as fast as I probably can (Power walking)? over a period of 20 minutes. Then as I begin to get fitter intersperse jogging with sprints and walking trying to emulate what happens in cricket matches.

I've not mentioned warm ups have I? - I'll do those as well beforehand.

More to follow.....