Monday, February 18, 2008

Five Tree Field 17th Feb

I'm not sure what to think about today and some of the other stuff that has happened this week (nets on Tuesday). At one point this afternoon what with not being able to bowl Leg Break balls I was thinking why am I bothering to do this and surely this means with regards to G&CCC I'm probably a liabilty and they're just being polite in letting me play? I was beginning to get really down about it, but then remembered I've read on-line loads of batsmen cursing "Bad" leg spin bowlers because despite their potential inabilities they still manage to get people out. Then reflecting on what happened today there's loads of things that were working against me -

  • The ground was wet and the ball wasn't bouncing.
  • I'm unfit still.
  • The ball was wet and slippery.
  • It's slippery underfoot.
  • There were no fielders

Whereas the positives could be seen as -
  • I did bowl Thomas once
  • I got him once bowled and caught
  • I had loads of near misses
  • My bowling line and length has improved
  • If there had been fielders it would have been a different story
  • In a pressure situation I was far more effective

So I reckon I keep at it and see how things come along and keep plugging away at the leg breaks - they did spin a bit today. See what happens once more people get involved, the other bloke who was supposed to have turned up failed to do so today, but I reckon they'll be there eventually and once there's some fielders it'll make a big difference, a half decent wicket keeper today would have got Thomas several times as well.

One last thing I that is a positive I batted today and made a concious effort to move my feet and stand to the side more so that the stumps are exposed to the ball (As advised by Wayne at G&CCC) and it worked I hit the ball lots and Thomas is fastish and makes the ball swing outwards to from off to leg. So that's a definite positive. Just need the spring to come so that all these bloke come and join in.