Tuesday, February 26, 2008

General stuff

Weekend doesn't look too promising with regards the weather, looks as though it's probably going to rain. One of the blokes at work - Richard spoke about wanting to get out and have a bit of a bat, so there's a bit of interest there? I've teased them asking if they want to sell their bats for a tenner as they're not going to be using them again - they seem to be intending to do so at some point in the future.

I noticed that on www.simplycricket.net my thread in the forums has now passed 3000 views, when I first started contributing to it back in Dec it only had a few. Looking around the website it looks as though the "Leg Spin Bowling" thread which is the one I contribute to the most, is the most viewed thread on the site which is nice. Bit by bit there's a few other younger blokes that beginning to make a contribution, which is good because when it comes down to it I'm probably the one with the most need to learn out of all of them! But it's good fun. It's a shame in a way that there's not more adults out there who have got genuine experience and skill that could make a valid contribution instead of sitting around watching crap on the tele all night, but then it's horses for courses and people simply don't like sitting at a computer writing pages after pages of the same old bull like I do!

Anyway more waffle - I've made a bit of a concerted effort to do some shoulder exercises I'm now trying to do the pulling the rubber bands apart behind the head thing. I can easily get up to 20 and then it gets hard, by 25 that's it I'm done and I can't do another. I'll have a go in a minute and see how I get on? But it's the running and the throwing long distances which I need to do stuff with. At the weekend I get to run about a bit chasing down the balls that Thomas hits all over the park. We need more blokes to get it a bit more active - we need those local blokes to start turning up! I noticed tonight that the evenings are getting lighter it's that which will make the big difference, once the light extends beyond 7pm I reckon they'll be out there?