Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Completely of topic

I was appalled today to hear the story about the Cornish fisherman not being allowed to build a jetty in their village at Helford because 70% of the 'villagers' are people from up country that only live in their houses for a few weeks in a year and they want to the seafront to look pretty so they can gloat about the nice little cove they live in etc.

Anyway that aside I cam across this which is brilliant -

Here's the Helfor story - I'd donate money to the fisherman if there was a fund to help them go to court and fight these twats!

It kind of smacks of the same logic the WWF and all those other Fluffy Bunny Brigade merchants have regarding the Tigers in India in that swamp. All the local indigenous people who get eaten by the bloody tigers have to move out to some dry arid crap hole just so that the middle class westerners can feel all cosy and good about saving the poxy tigers. Same with the Innuits in Canada and their economy that's partly supported by trading in Seal fur. I could write a whole blog on all this stuff and rant for days!