Sunday, January 18, 2009


Enthused by the response from the MPA boys and the indication that they're interested in having a knock about out on a field as the summer gets closer. I realised the potential there for me to get all sorts of valuable practice in as I'll either be bowling at someone for real or be bowled at and it's just something I get very little chance to do. I've got a venue in mind as mentioned yesterday - 5 tree field or the artificial wicket at Glouscester Park. But a couple of months back I considered looking into the feasibility of transportable nets to use on our local field for practice with Ben and Joe. Now with the renewed interest from the MPA boys the aggro and expense of looking at this suddenly has become justifiable. I've just been pondering it and remembered I'd seen my mate Virender's pictures on of his makeshift nets at his pitch and realised that we could model ours on his.....
This looks completely feasible and I can't see why it would be an issue on a playing field because I've watched numerous blokes turn up with portable goal posts and nets and have impromptu training sessions on the very same fields - so why not us?

The nets dirt cheap off the internet and the only difficult bit would be the structure and what to make that out of and cheaply? So I reckon that'll be something I can work on over the next couple of months?

I thought I'd chuck this in as well - don't know if it's a repeat of previous entries? It comes from my other blog The Googly syndrome

Stuff I'm working on

In this section I'll put in a brief description of what I'm currently working on - primarily as a reminder to myself as I'm usually darting around with ideas all the time.Jan 19th - Currently off the back of seeing this video clip Through 180 DegreesI'm intending on working on my follow through - in this clip the bloke describes the action of the leg coming round and over 180 degrees and he then goes on to show a training drill where he goes along a line going through the action again and again checking to see if the action is 180 degrees. Looking at my own video clips on line at you can see that my follow through is in excess of 180 degrees and needs to be looked at.Energy in the delivery The other aspect this time inspired and informed by is the energy in the delivery which is related to the above. So I'll be looking at the stand start drills trying to get that explosive delivery.

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