Monday, January 12, 2009

Easing into it

Despite the fact that I still feel dog rough after my Christmas Flu, I've begun to make some attempt at getting fit again. This morning I started a few arm and shoulder exercises and this evening Joe and I went to the Laindon centre and had a knock about, did some catching practice, throwing and fielding exercises and we worked on trying to get Joe to do the step -over in his delivery and we made a little bit of progress. I think I need to show Joe the David Friedman/Beau Casson videos on Youtube as he'd probably be more likely to take that on board. So I'll try that in the next few days and see if it registers with him. Other than that he did okay.

At work today I came across some video clips of some of the old MPA 1st XI footage from 2 years ago in the nets at James Hornsby school and my God how much have I improved! Let's hope the same level and rate of improvement can be had over the next year or so?