Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wet and rainy

Horrid weather, it's rained all night and for most of the day due to a southerly placed cyclonic weather pattern that's caused havoc aross the west coast of France and Spain with reports on the news of the waves being 40 mtrs which is in excess of 100'. If you look at the proper data from surfing websites that source their info from a variety of sources you'll find a slightly different story -

Although the link above with the current data will expire over the next few hours. Over the next few days as the weather pattern will dissipate there'll be some massive surf to be had and the images reflecting the true story should appear here -

Anyway as a consequence it's meant that I've been able to get out and look at some of the materials that we may need to construct the nets if we go for that option in the spring. But having looked at the wood it does look rather expensive although we are talking B&Q prices and a proper wood merchants maybe the better option. I've looked at the size of the wood required and I reckon we can get away with 2.7 meters by 2" x 2". Most of the stuff will come off the internet and looks a lot cheaper than buying via the local shops. I noticed that Garden wood for fences and the like at 2.7 was in the region of 6 quid a go and we'd need to buy up to 8 of those depending on the size of the nets. I'm now thinking do we need to have the nets as long as I first envisaged? So what I'll do is slow down on getting this going and wait till next Sunday when hopefully we have our first net session and see if it really is that neccessary to have the nets so long?

Our local field where we cut the wicket is looking totally drenched at the moment and a mess. I think this morning they did intend to play football on it, all the cars were there but a game wasn't played so that's good as otherwise they'd have virtually ploughed it up! I'm still contemplating when I should roll it and when the time will be right and what to do with the roller once I get it over there. The plan of action is that I'll stash it up in the adjacent woods and chain it to a tree.