Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's good news all the way!

A lovely sunny day today with the prospects as I write that this evening on the way home because of the clear skies there may have been an obvious move towards spring and there maybe light in the sky? We'll have to wait and see. It's been raining loads so the ground under-foot is still really wet and spongy and I'm still in two minds as to whether I should role our wicket soon rather than wait till March. The advantage of doing it how would be that there's very little grass cover at the moment because the grass has hardly grown if at all and it would be easier to roll. I'm thinking if I leave it and we have a mild and dryish Feb the grass will start to grow really thick and the rolling wont have us much impact on the wicket?

Some good news on the Nets front. I contacted another school at the weekend and I've had a reply and so far all the indications are that it's going to be a relatively easy process in getting access and they're willing to do a deal on the price as there's only a few of us that will be attending. Initially I've said that we're interested in using the facilities every fortnight and starting the weekend after next. So hopefully by the end of today they may have got back to me with a price and any conditions they want met? I just hope that they aren't going to go through some Spannish inquisition process with the H&S as that'll do us again. So that looks good at the minute I just hope that the cost will be realistic and affordable. This venue has nets and mats as well, so it's looking good.

Thinking about the portable nets idea for the field I'm now thinking that a couple of years back we did practice outside quite a bit through late March and April, but once the nice weather arrived the practice sessions tailed right off and I'm wondering if I go through all the aggro of designing, ordering and fabricating these nets how much use will be get out of them? If they're not used I'm wondering whether we could get away with using them on our local field for Ben, Joe and me?

Later.... It just gets better. Got into work and I've had a really quick and positive response to our request to hire their nets and hall and they've said yes and that they only want £40 from us for the 2 hours! Further more we'll be paying for it on a 'As you use it basis'. So providing there's 4 or more of us it's a tenner each which we're all up for. Fingers crossed the forms they're going to send through are not horrendously complex and ridiculous asking for all sorts of insurance stuff to be met. The only other area that may be of some concern is the time, but it sounds as though that's going to be okay.

14.25 update - It's virtually sorted either Saturday or Sunday between 1pm and 3pm is good to go, all I've got to do is fill in the forms. The last time we used this venue the forms were simple and efficient. Talking to Simon et al they're all okay here at college with the Sunday option, I've just got to contact Badger and Alex. Looks like the first session there may be 6 of us! So it's going to be £40 split between whoever turns up and rounded up to the next quid to cover wear and tear on my gear.