Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nets tomorrow

At 40 quid to hire and that being down to me I'm slightly concerned at this point as to whether I'm going to recoup my money let alone have some extras to pay for wear and tear. I'm also gutted as I've left my camera at work as well, so I'm not going to be able to film anything unless I use my little cheapo camera (Which I may do as it's not an issue if it gets busted) which then means I could put it somewhere at a radical angle/position to get some good footage? But in the short term it's the turnout tomorrow that worries me.

It looks as though it'll be -

Nick Naughty
And hopefully Neil from G&C

But having said that Nick has said that this'll be the one and only time he'll be doing it and I've not heard anything from Alex for over a week. It seems that Trevor has been asked and he's not interested. Maybe one option I could look at is to have a nets for the kids and see if Carl wants to bring Harry? So Joe, Ben and Harry could have a muck about in one net and the we'd be in the other? But I know that would probably contravene H&S issues and get us in trouble? Might be worth looking at though as an idea?

I've just had a text from Alex and he's coming. So it sounds as though we're going to get our minimum 4 blokes.