Saturday, January 31, 2009

DIY nets update

Today I had reason to go to the builders merchants and therefore an opportunity to check out the price of the timber needed for the portable nets idea. I've also had other ideas with regards to the construction of the nets.

The timber 2" x 2" x 3 metres unsawn is about 2 quid each
The nets
are 42 quid and the only other potentially expensive components are the rope and 4 big steel stakes.

The rachets are
about 8 quid

The rope/cord we need could be this -

Which is about 12 quid. So all in all we could get some nets sorted for around 100 quid, which isn't too bad if we all chipped in. But it's dependent on who wants to keep practicing or having a knock about during the summer? The other idea I thought about was that it would be really easy to take it a step further and have a 2nd bay. The net is 150 foot long so three lengths at 50 would do that. So that's something to consider.